Hello, I'm Sonia Vazquez, a Wellness real estate entrepreneur and founder of Kaizen Projects. A project-manager wellness property company that creates real estate turn-key businesses where Investors, entrepreneurs and Wellness oriented people can up their game, transform their and other people's lives, while receiving recurring passive income or capital gains: the cherry on top!

Wellness Properties, Better Buildings.
The newest trend in real estate is wellness oriented developments with active design features, trails and wellness-oriented programing.
Merging medicine and science with design and construction to reinvent the role of a man made environment on our health and mindfulness state. Wellness is the next trillion dollar industry. It represents 5% of global economic output, and almost half the size of all global health expenditures.

Case Studies

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    “Working with Sonia was amazing. It was better than any experience I had working on any kind of construction project in the US, and a much better experience than anyone else I’ve heard of in Mexico. I highly recommend Sonia. She is very competent, honest and a hard worker. She keeps her word”. Sara Kyle

  • “I had the privilege to have Sonia on my building project. She held my hand during the entire project. She had all the knowhow needed on the land, lawyers, notary, archi-tects and building process in general”. Jo Carson

  • “I did a real estate investment with Sonia, she took care of the entire process from beginning to end and everything unfolded easily. She knows the right professionals on every area and guides them with a core message that supports every detail of the project. And finally the ROI resulted as she estimated it”. Patrick Kermarc

About You

“Your inner Journey holds the Key”


Each one of us has valuable treasures around and inside ourselves. The problem is that we get so used to them that they become invisible to our eyes, we take them for granted. A brand is a treasure. Clients are treasures too. A good network is an asset and products are gold. We can help you invest in your uniqueness and create your own brand property.
The contact with your brand will be memorable.

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  • A Sanctuary for you Brand message

    Imagine your handcrafted brand wellness resort tailored for your own customers, and new international wellness travelers and groups who seek to retreat, revive and renew. Ongoing retreat programs to transform your brand into a life changing experience. A secluded piece of heavenly calm; a perfect location for relaxation, introspection and transformation.

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  • A Self-Care Resort

    Contemplation and rejuvenation with no intrusions or distractions; just total peace and tranquility offered in a unique setting.

    You can include your own products and services. Spa amenities with a host of treatments designed for peace, health and beauty; private treat-ment cabins provide an individual oasis where refreshing and aromatic oils soothe and relax.

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  • A Tailor-made Experience for your Customers

    Allow the calm tropical atmosphere of the resort deliver to your people the best of nature through each one of their senses. With natural landscapes designed around your unique service, swimming pool, wooden sundeck terrace, scattered pavilions and daybeds. Include fun activities in your itin-erary that can go from cenotes to ruins and magical one day trips, yoga workshops and handcraft courses for snorkeling, paddle boarding, scuba diving or sailing, whatever you choose to include in the program.

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    “Avoid getting burn out in order to grow your business”

    At the beginning traveling is fun, but as you keep traveling and start to suf-fer from jet lag, picking up unhealthy eating habits, and losing touch with your clients, the element of fun disappears so you begin to feel tired, and stressed about how you cannot keep growing your business while living this lifestyle. A new hospitality service for your clients can be the key to leveraging the work that you are already doing and getting extra lifetime recurring revenue.

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  • Attract More Loyal Clients

    “My students pick me for the way I deliver, but they stay with me for where I deliver the seminars” .

    -A Millionaire marketing speaker with thousands of students around the world.

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  • Distinguish Your Brand

    Imagine your clients in an on-going transformational program and service in your customized retreat center with or without you.

    It will be a perfect nest to have direct feedback from you clients. It's almost like running a permanent focus group; the information you get from being close to your clients can be key to keep improving your business.

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Mexican Caribbean projects an income of


million dollars in Hospitality, Real Estate & Services sectors

Quintana Roo, Mexico estimates


Luxury & 5 Star hotel rooms for this 2017

Foreign direct Investment (FDI) will be of


million dollars in 2017

“Time for profit and self-care”


Financial gurus recommend to buy assets to produce passive income but when it comes to choosing investments for your financial freedom, it's a personal choice that depends on your specific goals at the time.

Passive income derived from real estate is one of the lowest-taxed income and probably the easiest income to build wealth with.

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  • Relax & enjoy while your tireless & loyal Property model works for you 24/7 - 365 days a year.

    The Secret is having a management company that takes care of your property with the operation, administration and commercialization.

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  • Capital Gains. Have it your Way. More in Return

    Capital gains is the quick game where you move your fast making mon-ey to an operation that gives you a single profit in a short period of time. If that is your homerun the combination of real estate, Caribbean, wellness and a good plan makes a quick return between 20% and 30% very realistic.

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  • Last-lasting value

    A property designed for a lifetime, recurring revenue is the ultimate source of financial freedom for you and your family. An endless legacy.

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We are located on the Mexican Caribbean, one of Mexico's most beautiful areas, visited by more than 13 million tourists per year. It is home to the con-stantly evolving Cancun, the trendy Playa del Carmen and Chic Riviera Maya. The world Tourist Organization (OTM) has certified Cancun a growing city with the most modern international infrastructure and touristic developments. No wonder Cancun and Riviera Maya are two of the most important platforms for both, national and international business, recognized and distinguished throughout the world for a wealth of reasons, natural wonders, human infrastructure and international markets.

Further south, Tulum is growing exponentially within the world of Wellness tourism. The magic of Maya, the heat of the sun, the white sand and the tranquility of these shores, have made this area Heaven for those who seek to restore their balance and healing. Many boutique hotels and resorts work with yoga retreats and wellness programs.

Find in the maps your preferred city spots to visit or/and start your tailor-made property investment

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step”

How we do it

Everyone has a different vision and situation. There are guidelines, formulas and general steps to make it happen, but there's not just one formula that suits everyone. Together we can identify what ingredients you already have and the steps you have completed. Then we find out what you need, identify your dream team, and create a unique blueprint to get you started.

Get Ready!

It's not only the beauty of a building you should look at; it's the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

Step One

Your Why Statement

  • Discover the secret that most successful companies use to be at the top of their game
  • Achieve higher meaning to undertake any project.
  • Make it easy to merge your life purpose with business.
  • Avoid waste time & money on opportunites that aren't the best fit for you
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Step Two

Analyze your assets & set your goals

  • Achieve higher clarity on what you have and what you want.
  • Make it easy to create the plan that will give you the best return.
  • Real Estate’s best-kept secret for leveraging your assets.
  • How to choose between capital gains or recurring revenue.
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Step Three

Market Research

  • How to understand what your customers want even if you are not a wellness or hotelier expert.
  • Avoid competing for regular pricings.
  • Quickly head off unforeseen circumstances.
  • Avoid common guessing mistakes that cause most people to spend extra money and time.
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Step Four

Commercial Strategy

  • Pick the commercial model that best fits with what you need & want.
  • Real estate's best kept secret for finding the perfect marketing & sales solution.
  • Escape the worry on how to sell accommodations or the property itself.
  • STOP worrying about how you're going to make money off your property.
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Step Five

Business Plan

  • Be confident in direction, purpose and implementation of the project.
  • The secret to be able to follow the journey log like a clockwork.
  • Quickly head off guessing and improvisation.
  • Avoid the need to apply quick & expensive solutions for not having a professional plan
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Step Six

Wellness Brands

  • Stop worrying how you're going to create the best service with your brand identity.
  • Avoid the common testing mistake of copying what already exists in the market that don't necessarily fit with your brand.
  • Avoid having to adapt the property to your service and have every detail in place before starting the big investment.
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Vision starts with a firm foundation and carries trough design principles!

Step Seven

Find a Home

  • Simplify following the data to match the location, size and density of the land with your brand.
  • How to search the location that will add leverage to your project.
  • Effortlessly choose the best location, where your natural customers are.
  • Hurry and head off distractions and pointless research.
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Step Eight

Architectural Design

  • Attain the confidence that the architect will craft a vacation service as the soul of the property.
  • The Secret is getting an architectural design that fits 100% with every aspect of the project.
  • Effortlessly create the perfect team with the architect, branding and interior designer.
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Step Nine

Building or remodeling

  • Gets you: confident to build in integrity with the previous steps and professionals.
  • Make it easier to finish your project matching your brand.
  • Help avoid building mistakes and corrections that come from not following a clear plan

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Is not just the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time

Step Ten

Interior Design

  • Bridge the cap between you and your customers by reflecting your brand experience in every detail.
  • Attain an outstanding transformation of your services into a property.
  • Effortlessly create the perfect interior design honoring the previous steps and professionals.
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Step Eleven-A

Recurring Revenue

  • Discover how to maximize your profit and time with a management company.
  • Be clear about the different companies that can manage your property and what scenario fits your business the best.
  • The secret is having a management company that takes care of your property's logistics.
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Step Eleven-B

Sales Team, Capital Gain

  • Makes it easy to sell before even construction is finished.
  • Helps you avoid competing inside market rules with a "turnkey" business.
  • The secret is selling in record time with the right marketing and sales team.
  • Quickly target your customer through our wellness property database.
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Tulum Street No. 2, Suite 6.
Tulum Downtown. Tulum Mexico.
ZIP CODE 77760.

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When you travel to the Mexican Caribbean, your mind will automatically start to wander through the possibilities of growth and expansion that this area will bring to your life. You will explore the infinite choices of creating exclusive wellness or transformational retreat property businesses that can change lives, expand and distinguish your brand and support your life-style. It's not just business, it's fun! Relax yourself and enjoy, we will be guiding you every step of the way.

You can visit us anytime and we will provide you with all the information you need!

In case you are ready for more and want to take a STEP further, you can plan a vacation that combines, paradise and a good glance at this Tailor-Made opportunity of the inner Kaizen Projects program. Each of the programs will be previously handcrafted just for you and your people.

Kaizen Projects


Destination: The Mexican Caribbean.
Mission: To get to know the perfect place for sculpting your Wellness cus-tomized property.

You will get a 360-degree vision on:

  • 1. Plan Top profit from your currents assets
  • 2. A new and exciting possibility to grow your business and money.
  • 3. A path for recurring revenue and quick profits.
  • 4. Skyrocketing your brand towards international new audiences.
  • 5. Scale your business.
  • 6. Attracting more loyal customers, sell more.
  • 7. A clear roadmap to financial freedom.
  • 8. Merging business, family, friends and fun.
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Kaizen Projects


Destination: Paradise.
Mission: Uncover the best kept secret of the most succcesful companies in the world...
“Your unique Why statement” and “Mindfullness”

You will gain:

  • 1. A personalized statement of your purpose targeted at extraordinary results.
  • 2. Unlock the source of your strength, focus to make better decisions.
  • 3. Clarity, meaning and direction.
  • 4. Boost your brand towards international and new audiences.
  • 5. A live toolkit for remaining calm no matter what.
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The VIP Programs will be delivered in one of our suggested Wellness ori-ented hotels in the area and will cater to all tastes and flavors.

From the modern vibrant and innovative centers in Playa del Carmen facing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, to the worldwide famous Tulum Boutique hotels, where you will be able to experience the magic of a rejuvenating getaway, relax in the chic cabanas, enjoy healthy food, practice yoga by the water, explore ancient Mayan ruins and get pampered at the spa. Do it all-and leave recharged with a new zest for life. The VIP Program is for one to four people; you can invite your colleagues, friends or family.

Book the dates that fit your schedule depending on availability of the Kaizen consultant professionals and the hotel you pick. The Travel pack with Kaizen Program lasts four days, but you can extend your visit for as long as you wish. Our travel agency collaborator will take care of every detail.

Want more?

We will offer an introductory price for the programs if you are one of the first 10 people to book before May 1st. We will step out of the regular packages and our collaborator travel agency will customize every little detail just for YOU.

Kaizen Projects Dream Team

We work with the most experienced and talented local professionals and companies who bring their unique skills, expertise, perspectives and net-works to the table acting as a team merging themselves with our customer's purpose. Allowing us to see the ongoing project from different angles in order to achieve the most profitable and coherent Tailor-Made real es-tate roadmap. Our enthusiasm by working together enriches the process to boost all projects forward with the most accurate timing for successful results.

The three main pillars of The Kaizen Project.

Sonia Vazquez

Founder & CEO of Kaizen Projects

Patrik Zielinski

CFO of Kaizen Projects

Fernando Abogado

Financial Planning Manager


“To create space so others can transform themselves”

Sonia is a Wellness, retreat leader, investor and project manager real estate entrepreneur.

She started to put her MBA and international marketing career to good use by developing a cosmetic brand and a Wellness center more than 20 years ago. The passion for Wellness and development of new businesses came from her mother, a top highly regarded cosmetologist and investigator of that innovative movement at that time. “We had top therapists, wellness and transformational leaders crossing our center every day, it was very fun and interesting to develop programs inside-out to improve the quality of life of our people. One of our reflexologist was working with the FC first division soccer team at that time”.

“I did programing for other Wellness products and services but it was when I arrived to the Caribbean, 20 years ago, that I became interested in real estate investing. I studied with the US gurus in the industry before developing real estate projects for investors in the area. It was fun at the beginning but soon it became boring. The missing key was always where to START. Most of the time I had to study the successful models and copy them, but a more exquisite way to go is to start with a market research after defining a market niche, but there was still something that wasn’t holding the whole thing together. I realized the most successful boutique hotels where not all developed by hoteliers but by people that put their heart into them. That still isn’t very tangible when designing a project, but thanks to Simon Sinek’s TED talk “START WITH WHY”, and the license to teach his program, I could define my purpose, help others define their purpose and put it into words, one sentence that defines the spirit of each project”.

Patrik is the CFO of Kaizen Projects and a highly accomplished multicultural result driven financier with 20 years of experience in finance and operations in top global multi-billion dollar organizations. He has an important background in banking and the entertainment industry, with an important know-how of business development and management.

He has also fulfilled several projects with individuals of all capacities producing high-quality results, driving growth, and benefiting bottom-line profit for investors

He is also an active investor in real estate developments in Tulum and The Mayan Riviera..


"Create spaces that cater to the wellness and wellbeing of people, bring feelings of safety and transcendence to the people"

There is a special creative attitude that inspires Fernando, this due to "the perfection within the imperfection", taking special care of quality in details, preserving the main concept, trying to leave the smallest footprint on the environment. Fernando Abogado has much experience in different products like: Real estate, apartments, housing developments and hotels. Today he integrates a new generation of talented architects and engineers that make the mix of experience, fresh ideas and innovation possible.